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Enjoy The Sunny Aroma of Armenian Wine

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It is known that drinking moderate amounts of wine may have number of health benefits. Wines come from various cultures and traditions. While, according to the Bible, the wine making tradition was started in Armenia by Noah, the Armenian wines are not as known as the tradition of Noah.

There are lots of legends about the origin of wine, and practically each winemaking region has its own beautiful story.

According to one of the most realistic stories in the Bible, Noah came down from the top of Ararat mountain and planted the first grape vine. Doing this he set the precedence for the viticulture.

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The winemaking chronicle in Armenia is almost as old as the viticulture in the country.

According to the evidence of the ancient Greek historians, high quality wines were already exported from Armenia about two thousand years ago. One of the leaders of Wine producing enterprises in Armenia is Ijevan Wine Factor, which produces more than ten names of ordinary, high quality and collectible wines.

Wine making traditions of ancient times, wine bottling and wine conserving are "religiously" kept in this place.

Technologies and high mountainous grape types have contributed to Ijevan Winery production of excellent wines with delicate taste and special sunny aroma of Armenian wines.

This page is updated on March 28, 2013.