DRINKtionary is The Dictionary of Cocktail Recipes

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DRINKtionary is the dictionary of cocktail recipes, a virtual big yellow book of adult beverages! Compiled by The Drink Doctor, Elmo Strutter, this bartending guide contains over 6,000 recipes - from classics like Manhattans and Martinis to Cocktails A-Z with names like A Day at the Beach to Zuzu's Petals. Now in its second printing, with 4,000 copies sold, DRINKtionary is the bartenders' savior, the party planners' secret weapon and the gift givers' perfect gift.

Praise for DRINKtionary :

"The alcohol-challenged such as myself have found a savior in Drinktionary. It's just like its name: over 6,000 (yes, you read it right) drink recipes, all arranged in an easy-to-read dictionary format. I didn't even know that this many drink recipes existed, let alone how to make them."
--Tiffany M. Davis, Editor-In-Chief
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""Elmo Strutter's Drinktionary created quite a stir in Antigua. It started with the name of the book... it was very clever and catchy. Elmo strutted onto the scene of our Welcome Party serving up a special drink he created -- a blend of our local English Harbour Aged Rum, passion fruit, coconut and guava. He called it "Caribbean Paradise" Before half the night was over, it was all gone, and all I can remember is that I danced all night!"

--Avonelle H. Pole
Project & Public Relations Manager
Caribbean International Literary Festival

It took Elmo Strutter,, 13 years to discover and compile the 6,000 recipes in Drinktionary . He began by tending bar in Manhattan and Cape Cod in the 90's. As he collected thousands of recipes from his customers and through research, he recorded them everywhere he could - on napkins, notebook paper and inside the covers of other recipe books.

DRINKtionary is the only book you'll ever need. It's complete, modern and easy to use, organized by drink types - Cocktails, Shooters, Manhattans, Martinis, Margaritas, Frozen Drinks and Hot Drinks. With over 5,000 cocktail recipes and over 1,200 shooters recipes, it's a universal guide that can be used in any setting - from a five-star restaurant in New York City to a local bar in Rome, or just a private party with your friends.

Originally creating his name, the author Elmo Strutter,, , as a funny, anonymous and memorable pseudonym for his bartending identity, Pete Hosbach has evolved into the author and the drink doctor. He grew up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts and lived in Boston and New York City. A graduate of Boston College, he now lives in Louisville, Kentucky.