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Food Safety

FDA Expands Salmonella Probe, Looks Beyond Tomatoes

FDA has expanded the the list of food that it probes to find the causes and source of the recent salmonella outbreak. Now it includes tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeño. FDA does not say exactly what types of food it is looking into, but says it looks into types of food that are ate with tomatoes.

FDA also looks at Mexico as being a possible source, but yesterday Mexico says US salmonella outbreak is not caused by Mexican tomatoes.

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Ultra-High Pressure Processing Eliminates Salmonella In Fresh Tomatoes

Recent Salmonella contamination in fresh tomatoes has resulted in a nationwide concern for consumers unfamiliar with food-safe processing technologies. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has advised that tomatoes packaged commercially via heat processing are still safe to eat. Unfortunately heat changes the flavor and texture of fresh produce and is not viable for refrigerated salsas or pico-style dip products with tomatoes.

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