Soft Cheese Alert Issued by Massachusetts Officials

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The Department of Public Health (DPH) is warning consumers not to eat certain soft cheeses, known as Portuguese or Brazilian Cheese, made by the Julima, Inc. The cheese products may have "sell-by" dates of Dec.23 or Dec. 25. DPH is recalling these cheeses because they were made with unpasteurized milk. Unpasteurized milk may contain disease-causing agents that can cause severe illness and, in certain cases, death.

Two types of cheeses are involved in the recall:

  • Julima Cheese, Inc., Queijo Fresco, Sabor de Minas Farm Fresh Cheese
  • Manny's Dairy Farm, Portuguese Fresh Cheese, Queijo Accoreano


The products are found in hard plastic containers of various sizes including one (1) pound, two (2) pound and 12 ounce containers. They were sold in Portuguese and Brazilian stores and in certain Market Basket outlets in Eastern and Central Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Businesses and consumers who have purchased these products are advised to remove them from sale and discard the product. No illnesses linked to these products have been reported to the Department to date.

The recall was initiated after sampling by the DPH and subsequent analysis by the Department's State Laboratory Institute revealed that the cheese was not properly pasteurized. Consumers with questions should contact the Massachusetts Food Protection Program at 617-983-6712.