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Are Genetically Modified Foods Safe To Eat?

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Food Safety

According to Penn State plant geneticist and molecular biologist Nina Fedoroff, "Genetically modified foods are as safe to eat as foods made from plants modified by more traditional methods of plant breeding. In fact, they are very probably safer, simply because they undergo testing that has never been required for food plants modified either by traditional breeding techniques or by mutagenesis, both of which can alter a plant's chemical composition."

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"The label sparks heated debate," Fedoroff continues. "Concerned Europeans march in opposition to GM foods. African ports have been barricaded to prevent the unloading of genetically modified corn, despite the urgent needs of starving people. Canadians have mailed slices of bread to their prime minister to protest the use of genetically modified wheat. And in Australia, Greenpeace activists attached themselves to a cargo ship with magnets and painted 'Stop GE imports' on its hull in their fervent campaign against genetically modified food."

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