World Class Canapes Announces Roller Sandwich Recall

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Roller Sandwich Recall

World Class Canapes recalls 285 pound of ready-to-eat Roller Sandwiches. The recall is prompted due to possible bacteria contamination.

Roller Sandwiches are suspected to contain bacterium Listeria monocytogenes, which is actually not dangerous for healthy adults, but can lead to serious health complications in children, pregnant women, and older people. Therefore, the company decided to recall the sandwiches.

Listeria contamination was found in sandwiches when US Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service was examining the sample from it. The agency did not receive any reports of illnesses associated with the food, but it urges public to throw all products away, because they carry potential health risk.


Recalled sandwiches are distributed in Massachusetts by Roche Brothers and Sudbury Farms stores. Recalled items include:

* 80 ounces of Progressive Gourmet Buffalo Chicken Roller Sandwiches with "8/2/08" "sellby" date and 8500WRAS case code.

* 80 ounces of Progressive Gourmet Chicken Caesar Roller Sandwiches with "8/2/08" "sellby" date and 8500WRCA code.

* 80 ounces of Progressive Gourmet Honey Turkey with Baby Spinach Roller Sandwiches with "8/2/08" "sellby" date and 8500WRTU case code.

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