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Michigan, Ohio E. Coli Cases Caused By Ground Beef

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Michigan and Ohio health officials have found that E. coli bacteria infections in both states are because of ground beef from Kroger Food Stores.

According to US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics, about 70000 cases of E. coli O157:H7 infections occur in US. Some of infected people are being hospitalized, but some of them may recover easily. The O157:H7 strain of E. coli bacteria is the most dangerous one and it can cause symptoms like 'stomach cramps, diarrhea and vomiting'. Usually, it takes about 15 days to recover, but sometimes the bacteria can lead to serious health complications.

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E. coli bacteria cases in Michigan and Ohio are now being investigated actively and are found linked to the same source - ground beef from Kroger Food Stores. Michigan reported 15 people who caught the bacteria, and more than half of them reported to have consumed ground beef from these stores. 10 of these people were hospitalized. In Ohio there were 17 confirmed cases and according to CDC investigation, these cases are also linked to ground beef.

"It's critical that consumers follow safe food practices to reduce the risk of food borne illness such as cooking your meat thoroughly using a food thermometer to determine proper internal temperature," said Michigan Department of Agriculture representative.

Currently, Michigan and Ohio health officials are actively cooperating with CDC and Kroger Food Stores to understand were exactly the E. coli bacteria comes from. Meanwhile, health officials are warning everyone to make sure that food is cooked properly to avoid food borne illnesses.