Missouri Health Department Offers Food Safety Tips

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With the holiday season in full swing, Missourians will gather for a wide variety of family meals, office parties, community banquets and other events where food will be a main attraction. While these events are central to holiday celebration, there almost always is some risk for food-borne illness. And, because dozens and even hundreds of people often eat the exact same food, the risk of a food-borne outbreak is even greater. With that in mind, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) is offering some simple but effective food safety tips to help protect people from holiday food-borne illness.

"Food is and has always been such an important part of gatherings, whether they be family Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, holiday office lunches, or Super Bowl parties with friends. Nothing brings people together like food, but that also is what increases the chance of people getting sick from a food-borne illness," said DHSS director Jane Drummond. "If just one sauce, pie, or dip is bad, but 25 people share it, they all could get seriously ill. That's why we all need to be very careful when preparing, serving and storing foods during the holidays and anytime people share food."


Holiday Food Safety Tips


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