Travellers Should Be Vigilant Against Food Borne Disease

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Food Borne Disease

Hong Kong Department Of Health urged members of the public to be on guard against food-borne infections when travelling to the Mainland following recent media reports of an outbreak of typhoid fever in Henan Province.

A DH spokesman said the CHP had contacted the Ministry of Health for information and will closely monitor the situation.

Typhoid fever is caused by the bacteria Salmonella Typhi. Incubation period of the disease is about one to two weeks. Symptoms include sustained fever, malaise, poor appetite, severe headache and vomiting.

The disease is transmitted via faecal-oral route. The causative bacteria are passed in the faeces of infected people, which may contaminate food, water or beverages.

The public are reminded to observe good personal, food and environmental hygiene at all times to prevent food-borne diseases. When dining out:


- Only patronize reputable and licensed restaurants;

- Do not patronize illegal food hawkers;

- Cook food thoroughly;

- Avoid eating raw seafood;

- Be a discerning consumer in choosing cold dishes, including sashimi and raw oysters in a buffet;

- Drink boiled water;

- Use two sets of chopsticks and eating utensils to handle raw and cooked food;

- Always wash hands properly with liquid soap and water before eating and after going to toilet.