Kitchen Appliance Removes E.Coli, Listeria, Salmonella

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A kitchen counter top appliance that removes dangerous impurities from food, including E. coli, Listeria, and Salmonella, was made available to consumers by Creative Culinary Marketing Solutions (CCMS).

The kitchen unit, called CulinaryPrep, is the only appliance available today that applies a patented process to remove dangerous impurities from food, giving families direct control over the safety of the food they eat. CulinaryPrep uses the patented Grovac Process to remove unwanted bacteria and food borne pathogens from meat, fish, and produce. Removal of impurities also enhances the natural flavor of the food and extends its shelf life.

With the recent rise in food poisonings caused by contaminated beef, chicken, seafood, spinach and lettuce, consumers are increasingly concerned about the safety of the food supply chain. CulinaryPrep provides a solution not previously available that enables individuals to control the safety of their personal food supply from their own kitchens, and ensure the food that they and their families consume is safe and healthy.

The Grovac process has been tested and refined commercially, but until now, was not available in a home kitchen appliance. The process and technology reduce the level of pathogenic and spoilage bacteria found on meat and produce by up to 99.5% -- making it safer to eat and extending its shelf-life. Numerous independent studies conducted by Kansas State University, Louisiana State University, Whitbeck and Warren Analytical Laboratories confirm these proven results.


Initial testing of the Grovac Process took place in the early '90s, at Warren Laboratories (ConAgra) in Greeley, CO and proved a significant bacterial reduction. This testing was followed by studies carried out by microbiologists in the Louisiana State University (LSU) Food Science Department. These studies identified significant reduction of E. coli, Shigella, Listeria, Aeromonas and Vibrio in catfish and oysters. Dr. Wanda Lyons, PhD, reported the catfish findings in the Journal of Food Protection, Vol. 63, No. 9, pp 1231-1239. The test results are available for public viewing.

Further studies have concentrated on the process' effect on microbial activity in ground beef, including a study undertaken by Costco Wholesale QA staff, conducted at the Kansas State University Food Science Department and the QA Labs at Costco.

The Grovac Process involves alternately exposing food to a vacuum environment and a specially-formulated, all-natural solution. It was developed by retired pharmacist Bill Groves, and was initially intended to remove the 'muddy' taste from catfish.

Jeff Schroeder, Chief Executive at CCMS, said, "Our appliance removes the need for families to put their trust in an unseen food chain that has documented vulnerabilities. We hope that Culinary Prep becomes a standard feature in American homes and dramatically reduces the number of illnesses from food borne bacteria."

Jim Hime, CEO of Grovac Systems, which owns the patent for the Grovac Process, commented, "Barely a week goes by without a food safety scare hitting the headlines. We strongly believe in giving Americans the ability to protect themselves against unforeseen dangers. The Grovac process provides this, and this is why we believe CulinaryPrep will be extremely popular for the peace of mind it gives. Now parents can be absolutely sure that the food they serve their children is free from dangerous impurities."

The product will be manufactured and distributed by Creative Culinary Solutions, Inc. and marketed by Creative Culinary Marketing Solutions.