FAO, WHO Urge Countries To Be More Vigilant About Food Safety

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FAO and WHO are urging all countries to strengthen their food safety systems and to be far more vigilant with food producers and traders.

Recent food safety incidents, like the discovery of the industrial chemical melamine in animal and fish feed, or the unauthorized use of certain veterinary drugs in intensive aquaculture, can affect health and often lead to rejections of food products in international trade.


Such food safety incidents are often caused by lack of knowledge of food safety requirements and of their implications, or by the illegal or fraudulent use of ingredients including unauthorised food additives or veterinary drugs.

During the last 12 months, an average of up to 200 food safety incidents per month have been investigated by WHO and FAO to determine their public health impact.

Information about food safety incidents of international significance was shared with countries through the International Food Safety Authorities Network (INFOSAN).

"Food safety is an issue for every country and ultimately every food consumer. All countries can benefit from taking stronger measures to fill safety gaps in the sometimes considerable journey food takes from the farm to the table," said J