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Orting Residents Urged Not To Drink Tap Water

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Drinking Water Safety

Orting residents have been urged not to drink or use their tap water.

The state Department of Health is working with city water staff to test the water at a city reservoir.

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The advisory is precautionary while tests are done to see if it was contaminated. Law enforcement, state and local health officials and city staff are investigating the apparent vandalism.

"Since it's unknown whether anything happened to the water, we think the City of Orting made a good decision," said Leslie Gates, Department of Health Office of Drinking Water. "We'll be working closely with the city as they review test results. We support the city's cautious approach to keeping its customers informed and safe."

Water reservoirs and towers are often attractive to young people and others, and occasionally there are break-ins. It's rare when there's actually any contamination. Even so, it's wise to be cautious until tests show whether anything was put into the water system.

City officials will notify residents when the water has been confirmed as safe for drinking, cooking, and other uses.