Vader and Enchanted Valley Water System Customers Advised to Boil Water

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Customers of the Vader and Enchanted Valley Water Systems (Lewis County) are advised to boil their water following a series of water line breaks.

The breaks interrupted service and affected reservoir water levels, resulting in low pressures and water outages in parts of the system. With a loss of pressure there is a risk that contaminated or untreated water may be drawn into system.


The boil water advisory affects about 350 homes in Vader and Enchanted Valley. The advisory includes several steps customers can take as a precaution. Boiled or purchased bottled water should be used for drinking, brushing teeth, dishwashing, preparing food and making ice. Tap water should be boiled for three to five minutes and then allowed to cool before use.

The Vader Water Utility is working with the Department of Health to make repairs, flush the lines, verify chlorine levels in the system and take numerous bacteria samples.

There have been no illnesses reported that relate to this incident. The boil water advisory will remain in effect until the Department of Health determines that the water meets safe drinking water standards.