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Oklahoma E. coli Outbreak Linked to Locust Grove Restaurant

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E. coli

One person in Oklahoma has died from what appears to be E. coli food poisoning. At least 11 others have been hospitalized with symptoms of E. coli. At least 10 of the people ate at a restaurant in Locust Grove, Oklahoma, according to the Oklahoma State Department of Health. One commenter on Tulsa World is saying that the restaurant in question is Country Cottage, a highly-rated, quaintly-decorated restaurant in Locust Grove.

This situation is tragic for everyone. The culprit in this case may be beef. Millions of pounds of beef products have been recalled recently, most if it by one processor, Nebraska Beef, Ltd., a company with a history of sanitation violations.

Although beef is the most common source of E. coli outbreaks, other foods can be the source of E. coli infections, including but not limited to leafy greens and unpasteurized apple cider and milk.

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One of our recent E. coli wrongful death cases involved spinach. Another E. coli wrongful death case our law firm is handling involves a restaurant where a goat was slaughtered in the restaurant kitchen.

Legally, E. coli outbreaks involving restaurants can lead to a finding of liability on the part of the restaurant, a distributor, a processor and/or others. We investigate all possibilities and thoroughly discuss the options with our clients. Our goal in all of our E. coli cases is to recover compensation for our clients.

E. coli victims may seek compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering and other damages. In E. coli wrongful death cases, family members receive any money recovered in a settlement or jury verdict. These cases are governed by specific wrongful death laws. In cases involving sickness but not death, family members may also recover amounts for losses suffered, including but not limited to loss of income and loss of consortium. It is important to hire an E. coli lawyer who will take the time to listen to the victim and the victim's family and be able to communicate the extent of the losses to a judge and jury.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this Oklahoma E. coli outbreak and their families.

This news coverage on Oklahoma E. coli outbreak is provided by Food Poisoning Law Blog. If you would like a free E. coli litigation consultation, please contact the law firm or call 1-888-377-8900 (toll-free) and ask to speak to one of our lawyers, all of whom have E. coli litigation experience.



Unpasteurized or Raw milk has never been proven to be the source of any E. coli outbreak. Please get your facts straight. The main reason that the deadly form of E. Coli (157) is found in our beef today is that the cows are fed grain. This is a byproduct of feeding cows something other than their natural diet of grass/greens. E.Coli 157 is not found in the gut of grass fed cattle.
It was announced the department of health was declining to release the name of the restaurant as it may impact their business. Way to go, Oklahoma Department of Health. Nice to look out for for the safety of the people you are charged to protect. Silly me, I forgot America is being converted to a fascist state and they were protecting the right 'people'. Silly bureaucrats, did not realize that not releasing the identity of the restaurant probably killed the business to all Locust Grove eateries. I am certain the unaffected businesses cried long and hard to get the restaurant identified. What a world.
Unlike on the actual press release from OSDH which does list the restaurant by name. http://www.ok.gov/health/Organization/Office_of_Communications/News_Releases/2008_News_Releases/Situation_Update_1-Outbreak_of_Severe_Diarrheal_Illness_in_Northeastern_Oklahoma.html