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Food and Health

The relationship between food and health is intimate and fascinating, and a thorough understanding of this association is necessary to help restore, support, and maintain optimal health. Stay in touch with the latest research and advice on food and its impact on your health and that of your family with well-researched articles from Emaxhealth.

Manipulating the sugar in your diet may lead to better health


Researchers have found the kind of sugar you consume, not just the amount, has an impact on problems with your health. In rats it has been determined fructose consumption for a long time causes more vascular and liver damage than sucrose consumption.

Are Your Pots and Pans Harming Your Health?

Pans and health

When you bought your cookware, did you do research first? Probably not. You probably trusted that your store wasn't selling anything dangerous for cooking or that the FDA or other governmental agency would've banned any dangerous cookware products. But researchers have found that some cookware can have bad effects on your health.

Vegetarians Rock Athletic Performance

vegetarians rock athletic performance

Many people believe that eating a vegetarian or vegan diet can have a negative effect on athletic performance, even though there are thousands of professional athletes who have chosen this lifestyle. Now a new study has examined the impact of a vegetarian diet on athletic performance in elite adult endurance athletes.

Beef or Crickets for Dinner?

beef or crickets for dinner

Current meat production practices are not sustainable, destructive to the environment, terribly inhumane, and cannot keep up with the growing global population. The answer, according to some experts, is more wide use of insects not only as a protein source, but for their other nutrients as well. Will we soon be choosing between beef or crickets for dinner?