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Food and Health

The relationship between food and health is intimate and fascinating, and a thorough understanding of this association is necessary to help restore, support, and maintain optimal health. Stay in touch with the latest research and advice on food and its impact on your health and that of your family with well-researched articles from Emaxhealth.

Moms Can Satisfy All With One Recipe

Young children can be picky eaters, spooked by strong flavors or unfamiliar ingredients, so family dinners tend to be seasoned to the taste of the pickiest eaters. But just because the three-year-old prefers milder foods doesn't mean the rest of family can't enjoy something with more zip. To help parents please all of the diverse tastes of their hungry hoard without spending all night in the kitchen, Mealtime.org has devised an intriguing dinnertime idea that easily creates four dinners out of one.

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Two Freshwater Fish Added To High-Mercury List

Two more types of freshwater fish in southeastern North Carolina have been found to have elevated levels of mercury. They are yellow perch caught south and east of Interstate highway 85, and black crappie caught south and east of I-95. State public health officials are urging pregnant women and children to avoid eating those fish altogether, and urging others to limit their consumption of those fish to no more than one meal a week.

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Tips To Transition Bodies For Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer Eating

People get bombarded on a regular basis about health, diets and wellness, making it hard to choose which path to follow. According to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the largest nutrition school in the world, "seasonal eating" is an important aspect to maintaining health and wellness, regardless of which diet you choose. This practice, rooted deep in our ancestry, balances the body by reducing illness and increasing energy and well-being.

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Have A Healthy Breakfast Every Day In 2008

Too often new year's resolutions require giving up certain foods, but did you know making sure you don't miss one key meal a day could be the start of healthy habits in 2008? This year make excuses the most difficult thing you "give-up," and try the anti-resolution -- have a healthy breakfast every morning. It's simpler than you think.

Breakfast serves up an opportunity for good nutrition, which is beneficial considering less than 11 percent of Americans are meeting the current USDA daily guidelines for fruit and vegetable consumption.

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Guide Brings Snacking Help To Consumers

Many of us make poor food choices when we turn to vending machines or snack bars in search of a quick bite to eat. Now there's a free guide to help busy consumers make better decisions when facing rows of colorful snacks and drinks.

The N.C. Division of Public Health and N.C. Cooperative Extension has announced the release of Eat Smart North Carolina: Snacks and Drinks, available online on the Eat Smart, Move More...NC consumer website at www.MyEatSmartMoveMore.com .

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