How to Begin Food Combining


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Dec 4 2004 - 11:59am

When you first go on raw food, you go through several stages. First you go into Stage I. If you have degenerative diseases like cancer, you have to do combining from the very beginning. But the average person who just wants to improve their health, does not have to do any combining. When you reach Stage II, which usually takes about a year, your body will tell you what foods to eat. In my classes I teach you how to listen to your body and how to figure out what you need. Do you need endive or arugula or other greens? When you restore the hydrochloric acid in your stomach, then you can digest the fibre without blending it.


For the next two months you have to stay l00% raw. Two months is the magic time frame. After two months, your body transforms and instead of two gallons of juices, secretes only one cup of juice per day. Finally, you will be able to sit at the same table with your family members who will be eating a very attractive cooked meal, and you will not salivate. After two months, you're over the hump, but at this point, everybody makes a mistake. You think you can control yourself and eat cooked food just once, but as soon as a tiny piece of cooked food touches your tongue, you reinforce the memory in your cells and you're back to cooked food.

It's easy to be on raw food, but it's hard is not to eat cooked food. You see the difference? It's easy to eat a banana or a cucumber, but it's hard not to eat pizza or chocolate when your body's demanding it. It's agony. It's "to die for". In order to find out what our body requires, we have to get the thing that we are addicted to (cooked food) out of the picture and stay one hundred percent on raw food for two months. At this point, you will begin to develop cravings for good foods like scallions or dandelions or avocados or cucumbers. Sometimes you crave things you thought you hated like cilantro.

When I asked people what they craved, they said that they craved coffee and doughnuts. We always feed our addiction first. If a croissant is $l.79 and a mango is $1.79, we say that the croissant is reasonable and the mango is way too expensive. Why? Because we have addictions to cooked food. Although the mangoes are definitely more nutritious, the addiction has to be fed first.


I believe that our bodies know what we need and the body never makes mistakes. Soon after we began raw foods, we met world-famous Dr. Bernard Jensen, a genius in the field of nutrition. I told him that my son Sergei had been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes and asked if he could recommend the best food for the condition. Dr. Jensen recommended mangoes because they restore the properties of the pancreas and blueberries because they naturally reduce blood sugar. Sergei loved mangoes and blueberries, his favourite foods. Then I asked Dr. Jensen what food was best for my daughter, who had allergies and asthma. He said to give her olives because they thin and remove the mucous and secondly figs because they restore the respiratory system. When I told him she's crazy about figs and olives, he said, she must be following her natural cravings. It is your duty to find out what your body wants, and that's what you have to give it. That's why you have all those taste buds.


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