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Drinking Lots Of Water Is Not As Beneficial As Previously Tought

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Researchers from University of Pennsylvania decline the myth that 'eight glasses of water a day' will improve health.

It is a believed theory that drinking lots of water will make one healthy, and most of those exercising and attending aerobics classes are taking bottles of water with them, so that they can drink frequently. However, there are no scientifically professional studies showing benefits of water.

This new research comes to decline the common myths that drinking lots of water improves the following aspects of health: excreting toxins, improving skin, reducing appetite, and curing headaches.

Excrete toxins: It is believed that drinking too much water can help excreting toxins, but this research says that human body consists of 60% water. For example, a 200-pound man has 120 pounds of water, which is equal to about 15 gallons. If this person drinks an extra cup of water there will not be much difference for him.

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Moreover, extra amount of water may even worsen the process of toxin excretion, because too much water lowers blood flow to kidney and it may be difficult for kidneys to clear substances.

Skin tone improvement: Whenever a person drinks water, it is being equally distributed to all parts of body. There is no reason to think that skin will get any extra amount of water and will improve tone. Besides, ones body has too much skin and it is unlikely that some extra cups of water will improve its tone.

Appetite reduction: It is thought that drinking water before taking food will cut appetite, because after drinking water there will be not much space left for food consumption. However, this research suggests that drinking water together with food doesn't cut appetite. Besides, there is no research showing the link between water drinking and weight loss.

Headache cure: If one doesn't drink enough water, his body gets dehydrated and a specific headache occurs. When a dehydrated body gets water, headache will be cured. However, other types of headaches caused by stress and numerous diseases.

There is a small research examining 15 migraine patients. The study showed improvement in those drinking more water, but the research is statistically too small to say that there is link between headaches and the amount of water drunk.

This new research suggests that everyone's body is different, and it is impossible to say how much water we should drink to be healthy. More serious and statistically large studies are needed to estimate how much water should be drunk by a person. Factors like 'different climates, different sizes, different exertion, and different clothing' must be considered in estimating how much water is needed for each person. And while there is no study giving exact figures, everyone must drink whenever thirsty.