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FSA Urges To Eat More Fruit, Vegetables

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Most people do not properly manage to eat five or more portions of fruit and vegetables as recommended by health officials.

Between August and October 2007 Food Standards Agency (FSA) surveyed 2627 people about if they had five or more portions of fruit and vegetables the day before being questioned. There were 58% positive answers, which shows an increase compared to 2006's 55%. However, the increase is too low to indicate healthy diet improvement.

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Besides, the survey shows disparities between different social classes: AB class reported 71% positive answers, DE class reported 45% positive answers. This means, that higher social grades are more successful in diet management that lower ones.

Disparities also occur between men and women: 63% of surveyed women were able to manage five or more portions of fruit and vegetables compared to 54% men.

FSA report estimates that people don't care much about healthy diet, the number of those who pay attention on food additives, salt, fat and sugar have significantly decreased. However, there is one 'plus' in this report: the number of those who cares about food hygiene in stores rose to 17% compared to 2006's 11%.

Bill Adamson from FSA said: "The FSA is committed to helping consumers by raising their awareness of diet and health and by persuading industry to reformulate their products to make it easier for everyone to make healthier choices. The agency will soon be launching a new saturated fat and energy program to tackle excess saturated fat and promote energy balance. We have also recognized that there is a need to not just provide information and advice, but to help change people's behavior in relation to food and the choices they make."