Food Guides Help Keep Healthy Eating Resolutions

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Healthy Eating Resolutions

At this time each year, many people are trying to keep their New Year's resolutions with varying degrees of success. Whether it's a decision to eat better or to become more physically active, many resolutions involve making a lifestyle change. To help residents of Middlesex-London in achieving their healthier eating goals, Public Health Dietitians with the Middlesex-London Health Unit are distributing copies of Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide to local grocery stores across the region.


"Our main goal is to help people achieve their healthy eating goals by providing them with accurate, reliable, and realistic information that can be incorporated into their daily activities," says Heather Thomas, Public Health Dietitian with the Middlesex-London Health Unit's Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention Team. "Making Canada's Food Guide easily available to our residents is an important step in achieving that objective."

The importance of making healthy food choices is critical, as demonstrated by recent local statistics that suggest roughly 26% of adults in Middlesex-London are considered overweight or obese. These figures, combined with comparable provincial numbers, indicate the serious need for people to make lifestyle changes that will result in healthier weights and improved health.

Building on the success of last Spring's effort to launch Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide, Health Unit dietitians will again be distributing copies of the resource to local grocery stores and libraries this week.