Making Thanksgiving Dinner Healthy And Diabetes-Friendly

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Most Americans look forward to sitting down to a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. But for the 21 million Americans with diabetes and their families, friends, and hosts, Thanksgiving often means challenges and anxiety over what to eat and how to eat healthy. But not this year, thanks to the "dLife Holiday Helpline," the first-ever resource to help people prepare a diabetes-friendly Thanksgiving meal, provided by dLife, the #1 destination for diabetes information, inspiration and connection.

The dLife Holiday Helpline will be staffed with knowledgeable Certified Dietitians and Diabetes Educators who will answer questions via an online forum, and provide tips on how to make standard Thanksgiving fare healthier for people with diabetes. This free service can be accessed through the dLife Holiday Helpline web portal,, which also features over 8,000 recipes, more than 30 streaming step-by-step cooking videos and a comprehensive list of holiday-related tips. The dLife Holiday Helpline is free, and available 24/7, including last-minute advice on Thanksgiving Day.

Eating right is the biggest challenge for people with diabetes and those who cook for them. According to a recent dLife survey, 63 percent of participants indicated "food-related" challenges as the biggest obstacle in managing their diabetes. The holidays - with carbohydrate heavy traditional favorites, rich foods, desserts and cocktails - present even greater problems. Nearly half (44 percent) of people with diabetes said avoiding food temptations is the hardest part about the holidays.


"As a chef, I find it a great professional challenge to makeover a notoriously unhealthy meal like Thanksgiving dinner, so that it can become healthy fare enjoyed by all around the table," said celebrity chef Michel Nischan, who regularly appears on dLifeTV. "Having two sons with diabetes, I appreciate that the dLife Holiday Helpline will be staffed with trained professionals who can work with the household chef as they prepare to make their Thanksgiving enjoyable, tasty and healthy for everyone invited to their table."

November also marks National Diabetes Awareness Month, a condition that affects 7 percent of Americans. More than 41 million others have a condition called "pre-diabetes," and are at greater risk for developing diabetes.

"Changing habits is one of the hardest things to do when you're diagnosed with diabetes, and good eating habits present one of the biggest obstacles," said Donna Rice, President of the American Association of Diabetes Educators. "The dLife Holiday Helpline helps those with diabetes overcome that very obstacle, making it an innovative resource for patients and their families."

After nearly 40 years of living with diabetes, dLife founder Howard Steinberg knows firsthand the difficulty of managing temptations of holiday meals. "I know how hard the holidays can be for people with diabetes. The anxiety of sitting at a table where there are little choices that don't raise your blood sugar can take all the fun out of the festivities. As the top destination for those living with diabetes, dLife always strives to become the best possible resource to support these challenges people with diabetes face each day. We're hopeful the dLife Holiday Helpline will make Thanksgiving worry-free and diabetes-friendly."