Low Sugar Substitute Not Suitable For People With Fructose Disorders

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Sugar Substitute

Food Standards Australia New Zealand advised that a sugar substitute that it has just approved, called isomaltulose, contains fructose and glucose and is therefore not suitable for people with disorders in fructose metabolism.


People with this condition must avoid all foods containing fructose, even naturally occurring sugars found in fruit.

Isomaltulose provides the same energy as the sugar used in many foods, but is digested more slowly, leading to lower and slower increases in blood glucose when compared to traditional sugar. It is suitable for use as a total or partial replacement for sugar in certain foods.

Dr Bob Boyd, FSANZ's chief medical adviser, said: 'We have evaluated the safety of isomaltulose before approving its use in food and have concluded that there are no public health or safety concerns for the general population.

'However, our evaluation also showed that isomaltulose would not be suitable for consumers with disorders in fructose metabolism


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