Coastal Health Department, Farmers To Offer Fresh Produce

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Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are some of the key ingredients to a healthy lifestyle.


That's why the Coastal Health District is teaming up again with Georgia farmers to make great summer produce available to everyone.

The annual Farmer's Market Nutrition Program has begun. Farmers will bring fresh fruits and veggies throughout the summer to the county health departments within the Coastal Health District. See the bottom of this page for a schedule.

Participants in the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) nutrition program will be given vouchers for free produce. "Having the farmers at our Health Departments makes it convenient for our clients to pick up coupons, step right outside and turn them in for great tasting fruits and vegetables," says Jo Manning, Nutrition Services Director for the Coastal Health District. "The produce at the Health Departments is also available for purchase by everyone, so we hope a lot of people will come by and stock up."

The farmer's market WIC vouchers are also redeemable at any authorized vendor stand across the state