Link Between Acne Treatment and Depression

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Severe Acne Treatment Drug Warning

Since the drug's introduction in the early 1980s there have been controversial reports of depression and suicidal behaviour that may have occurred in some people taking Roaccutane.

This has led to the drug's manufacturers, Roche, including a warning in the product information that taking the medication may cause depression, psychosis and suicidal behaviour.


However, the chemical mechanism by which this might happen has never been established.

In new independent research, scientists at the universities of Bath and Texas at Austin gave Roaccutane to mice over a period of six weeks, and then monitored the rodents' behaviour.

They found that whilst there was no change in the physical abilities of the mice, the rodents spent significantly more time immobile in a range of laboratory assessments designed to test their stress responsiveness



I believe there are so many depressed people in our society because they aren’t happy with themselves. There are so many outside pressure - including the ones we let in through the media etc., that we are bombarded with how we should act, feel , work, play and so on. Come on people - -forget the status quo.