Steiner Ranch Dermatology Offers Breakthrough Acne Laser Treatment

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Steiner Ranch Dermatology announced the addition of Isolaz, a revolutionary light-based treatment for eliminating acne, removing unwanted hair and rejuvenating aging and sun-damaged skin.

"The start of the new year is often a time when people resolve to remove barriers to happiness and confidence," said Dr. Ted Lain, Steiner Ranch Dermatology. "While there are a number of effective ways to prevent and reduce signs of acne, some patients need a little extra help. This new technology gives patients a powerful way to achieve clearer, healthier skin more quickly and more easily than ever before."


Through the combination of a vacuum and broadband light to cleanse and refresh pores, this technology represents the only light-based treatment for acne with 3 distinct advantages over less advanced laser-based solutions: it is painless, delivers overnight results and enables patients to resume normal activities immediately after treatment.

As the only FDA-approved system for both comedonal and pustular acne, the new approach is broadly effective, capable of quickly and dramatically clearing acne for the vast majority of patients, even those traditionally non-responsive to treatment.

Steiner Ranch Dermatology is dedicated to providing patients with the broadest possible range of safe and effective treatment options for skin conditions ranging from acne and rashes to skin cancers and sun damage. While the new Isolaz technology represents a significant leap forward in targeting acne-causing bacteria, it is not the only effective treatment. Simple methods for eliminating and preventing acne breakouts include:

-- Use carefully formulated cleansers that exfoliate with gentle acids, not abrasive grit.