Aesthera's Breakthrough Painless Isolaz Therapy For Acne

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Aesthera Corporation's Isolaz painless acne therapy has been featured in the September issue of Vogue, the most widely read issue of the year. Featured as a unique treatment that gets rid of acne fast, the Isolaz therapy is mentioned as the first laser approved by the FDA to treat severe acne.

"I haven't been this excited by a treatment in years," stated Jancee Dunn, Contributing Beauty Writer for Vogue and author of the piece. "The Isolaz completely cleared up the acne that had plagued me for ten years and vanquished all of my fine lines and sun damage. After the treatments, I could not stop touching my velvety skin. I am making standing appointments every month."


Ms. Dunn's dermatologist, the renowned Dr. Frederic Brandt is also a fan of the treatment, "The Isolaz painless laser facial is one of the most innovative and effective in-office treatments for acne and skin rejuvenation that I have seen in years."

Aesthera's Isolaz is the only system FDA cleared to treat comedonal and pustular acne. The Isolaz therapy is also cleared to treat mild to moderate, inflammatory acne and acne vulgaris.

In addition to Vogue, the Isolaz therapy has also been featured in the August issue of Harper's Bazaar and the September issue of Elle magazine as a new breakthrough treatment to effectively minimize and clear pores on a long- term basis.

A recent clinical study also showed that, in addition to acne reduction, 64 percent of acne patients who had not responded to oral medications, topicals and traditional lasers in the past had shown greater than a 75 percent clearance of acne lesions after treatment with the Isolaz system. After four treatments, an 88 percent reduction in papular, pustular, comedonal and nodular acne was observed.