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Affordable Health Insurance

Many families and individuals across the nation are in search of finding affordable health insurance. However, as the cost of the medical insurance keeps rising medical coverage is less affordable year by year. This section covers news and research about where the health insurance is affordable and what the government or private companies are doing with health care reform.

ERISA Could Hurt State' Efforts Expanding Health Insurance Coverage Of Uninsured

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act might have the potential to "derail" state efforts to reduce the number of uninsured residents, the Wall Street Journal reports. Enacted in 1974, ERISA limits the authority of states to impose certain rules on employers regarding health coverage so that firms can "avoid a patchwork of state regulations and offer uniform benefits, helping keep down costs," the Journal reports.

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Teamsters, Machinists At Columbia Ford Strike For Affordable Health Care

Members of the Teamsters and Machinists Unions walked off the job in protest of Columbia Ford's refusal to help allay the rising costs of health care, passing on costs to their employees while not offering enough of a wage increase to offset the burden.

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Consumer-Directed Health Insurance Plan Growth Levels Off Among Employers

Predictions that consumer-directed health plans such as health savings accounts would continue their steep growth appear to be overstated according to a national survey of health plan sponsors covering between 1,000 and 15,000 lives.

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Principles for Quality Health Insurance Issued by American Cancer Society

ACS issued four principles that define quality health insurance and highlight major problems in the health care system that are impeding progress against cancer and other major diseases. Health insurance should be affordable, adequate, available and administratively simple to manage benefits.

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