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Affordable Health Insurance

Many families and individuals across the nation are in search of finding affordable health insurance. However, as the cost of the medical insurance keeps rising medical coverage is less affordable year by year. This section covers news and research about where the health insurance is affordable and what the government or private companies are doing with health care reform.

CMS Proposes Improvements To Medicaid Payments

CMS is proposing changes to Medicaid insurance coverage reimbursement for school-based services that are expected to save taxpayers approximately $635 million in federal funds during the first year and $3.6 billion in federal funds over five years by eliminating fraud, waste and abuse in the program.

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Census Numbers On Health Insurance Are Shameful Reflection of Priorities

Instead of making health insurance more affordable, millions of people are without basic health insurance coverage. The news today that an additional 2.2 million people in the U.S. lost health insurance coverage in 2006 is a shameful reflection of national priorities.

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Medicare's Hospital Reimbursement Rule On Preventable Errors A Welcome Change

In light of the "substantial" cost of medical errors, Medicare's new rule to refuse to pay the costs of preventable hospital errors will provide an incentive that should "help reduce the taxpayers' burden," a Washington Times editorial states.

It continues, "It's not to say that hospitals are careless now, but the new rules will make them more diligent."

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