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Affordable Health Insurance

Many families and individuals across the nation are in search of finding affordable health insurance. However, as the cost of the medical insurance keeps rising medical coverage is less affordable year by year. This section covers news and research about where the health insurance is affordable and what the government or private companies are doing with health care reform.

Employers, Health Insurers Use Care Managers To Review Physicians' Treatment Plans

A growing number of employers and health insurers are using care managers, or integrated health managers, who"essentially audit an employee's health care and look for ways to both improve outcomes and save money," the Wall Street Journal reports. According to the consulting firm Deloitte & Touche, there are more than 200 care managers in the U.S.

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Insurers Limit Coverage Of Some High-Cost 'Specialty Drugs'

Health insurers "are pushing back" against the high cost of new "specialty drugs" by limiting coverage of the drugs "to only the disease for which they are specifically approved by [FDA] -- or for which there is extensive evidence of efficacy in clinical trials, the Wall Street Journal reports. Insurance officials say specialty drugs, which can cost thousands of dollars, that are used to "treat relatively small groups of people ... comprise one of the fastest-growing parts of health spending," according to the Journal.

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