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Get Health Insurance You Can Afford

Health insurance may be expensive for some hard-working families, but now many families can get low-cost or free health insurance for their babies, children, and teenagers.

Across the United States, each state has a children's health insurance program to make health care more affordable for working families. Each state also has a Medicaid program that provides free health coverage to children from low-income families. These programs typically cover the cost of many health services for children, including vaccinations, regular doctor visits and prescriptions.

Immigration Status and Participation in Medicaid and Your State's Health Insurance Program for Children

Sometimes parents are afraid to get health care benefits from the government for their children. They may be applying for lawful permanent residence ("green card"), citizenship, or work authorization, and think their immigration status will be affected if they apply for health insurance for their children.

However, did you know that eligible children can receive free or low-cost health care services without affecting their parents' immigration status?

Immigration officials will not consider your child's enrollment in health insurance through the State Children's Health Insurance Program or Medicaid, in determining your immigration status. The only exception is when the government pays for a child to live in an institution, such as a mental health facility or a nursing home, where the child is provided long-term care.

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Here are some of the benefits your children will receive by enrolling them in your state's health insurance program:

Health care, such as:

  • Routine doctor visits for checkups
  • Vaccinations, and other regular services
  • Hospital care in case of serious illness
  • Prescriptions

Be aware that there are a few limitations on using public benefits:

For example, if you do NOT have a green card yet, it might affect your chances to get a green card if:

  • You or your child uses cash assistance, such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and General Assistance (GA)

  • If your family's only source of support is government cash assistance that your children or other family members receive;

  • If the government pays for you or your child to live in an institution, such as a mental health facility or nursing home, where you or your child is provided long-term care OR

  • If you made misrepresentations or committed fraud in obtaining public benefits.