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Medicare Prescription Part D Open Enrollment Begins

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Medicare Part D

AARP reminds Tennesseans that open enrollment in Medicare Part D prescription drug plans begins Wednesday, Nov. 15. If enrolled, Medicare beneficiaries are encouraged to evaluate their current plan, and if necessary, switch to a different plan. Open enrollment runs through Dec. 31, with coverage starting Jan. 1, 2007. People are urged to make their decisions early in December to allow for the timely processing of their applications.

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"For the majority of Medicare beneficiaries, this is the first opportunity to change plans," said Tara Shaver, Associate State Director for Community Outreach. "It is also the first opportunity for beneficiaries to enroll if they missed the chance during the initial enrollment period, which ended in May. AARP encourages Medicare beneficiaries to shop around for the plan that best meets their needs and saves them money. They should sign up by Dec. 8 so that their applications will be processed and all of their information will be in the computers by Jan. 1," concluded Shaver.

If Medicare beneficiaries are satisfied with their current plans and coverage, and their needs have not changed dramatically, then they do not have to do anything. Their coverage will continue. However, beneficiaries are urged to review information from their plans which may indicate changes to coverage or costs.

If beneficiaries are dissatisfied with their plans for any reason, AARP encourages them to shop around and find a better plan. There are more Part D plan offerings in Tennessee in 2007, with premiums ranging from $18.20 per month to $123.80 per month. There are also new plans that offer enhanced benefits, including coverage through the gap, known as the donut hole, and zero- deductibles.

To enroll in a Medicare Part D plan: