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New Health Insurance Fund for Africa

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Health Insurance - Africa

The Dutch Minister of Development Cooperation, Mrs. Agnes van Ardenne, and the former CEO of AEGON, Kees Storm, chairman of the Health Insurance Fund (HIF), have launched a groundbreaking initiative for a new health insurance fund for Africa in the presence of the top of the Dutch business community. The HIF will introduce a new, innovative insurance fund for African countries that will enable low-income groups to receive collective health insurance through a premium subsidy. This insurance principle will make basic health care, including anti-AIDS medication, accessible to more people in Africa.

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Care will be provided by both public and private care providers with whom the insurer will enter into care contracts. The care providers will be paid based on their performance. The execution of this insurance principle will be the central issue and will thus contribute to a more effective healthcare system in Africa. New and available physicians, nurses and care centers can be better utilized and the quality of care will improve.

During a meeting in Amsterdam today of The Large Enterprise (De Grote Onderneming (DGO)), a collaboration of the top of the Dutch business community focused on the fight against HIV/AIDS, the Dutch Minister of Development Cooperation, Mrs. Agnes van Ardenne, and HIF chairman Kees Storm will symbolically sign a first insurance policy. Eventually, at least 230,000 people from low-income groups in Africa will be covered by basic health insurance, including anti-AIDS medication, through the Health Insurance Fund. People who, should they fall ill today, are unable to pay their doctor or hospital bill. Thanks to a temporary subsidization of their insurance premium by the HIF they will be able to obtain health insurance. Minister van Ardenne will support the HIF with the amount of 100 million Euros for the next six years.

Research by both the World Bank and the WHO has shown that the implementation of a health insurance fund is essential for a properly functioning healthcare system in Africa.