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Two-Thirds of CEOs Support Health Insurance Requirement in Massachusetts

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Massachusetts Health Insurance

Two-thirds of CEOs say they approve of the recently approved Massachusetts law requiring employers to provide health insurance coverage to their workers, according to the Globe 100 CEO survey, the Boston Globe reports.

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The 115 CEOs responding to the survey generally said the health insurance plan "makes financial sense, ... though they are concerned it could put a strain on the state's budget or be devastating to small business owners," the Globe reports.

According to the Globe, the CEOs' "reasoning boils down to this: We provide coverage, and it's unfair that other employers don't."

Jan Miller, CEO of Boston-based Wainwright Bank & Trust, said, "The reality is we're all paying for their care anyway, and often that's at the most expensive place, which is the emergency room. If that can be replaced with better, more efficient care, I'm in favor of that" (Blanton, Boston Globe, 5/16).