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Massachusetts Becomes First State to Achieve Near-Universal Health Coverage

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Massachusetts health insurance

Massachusetts recently enacted landmark legislation designed to cover almost all of the state residents who are currently without health insurance. Families USA is hosting today's briefing at the National Press Club to explore the possible national implications of this historic legislation. The following is the statement of Ron Pollack, Executive Director of Families USA, about that legislation:

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"The landmark health care legislation recently passed by the state of Massachusetts will make health care coverage more affordable for working families and small businesses in the state. This initiative takes the unprecedented step of expanding health care coverage to virtually everyone in Massachusetts.

"Within three years, this groundbreaking legislation will guarantee affordable health insurance coverage for 95 percent of the state's approximately 550,000 uninsured citizens.

"As the first state to enact health reform legislation that will achieve near-universal health coverage, Massachusetts may become a model for other states and the federal government.