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Sound Health Insurance Is the Newest Plan Offered by UniCare of Texas to Reach Young Invincibles

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Sound Health Insurance

Sound Health plans are targeted at Texas' 1.2 million uninsureds between the ages of 19-29, and offer a truly original approach to health care coverage starting 2-1-2006. "Sound is fun, affordable, easy to understand and includes preventive, emergency and pharmacy benefits. These young invincibles can choose from the Gravity Bender, Curb Jumper and The Cruisers," says UniCare Premier Agent Jeff CLine.

Sound is tailored to the lifestyle and attitudes of the Texas "young invincibles" (young men & women between 19 to 29) who are on the cutting edge of Texas culture. There are currently an estimated 1.2 million uninsured 19 to 29-year-olds in the state of Texas. According to the insurance industry, young adults have the highest rate of being uninsured (about 29 to 39 percent) because they tend to be those who are no longer being covered by parents insurance plans and are just starting new careers that are less likely to have insurance or health plans offered by employers.

Cline has many reasons why he is making so much NOISE about the plan, including the simplicity of the application process. PAPERLESS That's right, everything is online.

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"Yesterday, I went through the process online; it took us only 12 minutes to complete the application and then nine minutes later, I received his approval letter," Cline said. "I also worked with a customer today who found me on MSN under a search for 'Sound Health Insurance,' and within he found the Perfect plan to fit his needs."

The online application and the Sound Health system has taken weeks even months off the traditional average underwriting process. Cline adds that not all cases will go as smoothly as the examples mentioned; the process varies for each individual.

"I am very impressed with UniCare of Texas and their ability to provide such a cutting edge site, and great coverage for such a reasonable price," he said.

"This is not your parents insurance" he adds, although many parents will choose this plan for its great benefits and price.

To make some NoiSe or to get more information visit Call Jeff Cline toll free 866-526-9669. For more information visit www.uniapp.com