AAESEP Announces Affordable Health Insurance for Working New Yorkers

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Workers' Affordable Health Insurance

The American Association of Employees and Self-Employed Persons (AAESEP), a non-profit organization, offering American workers access to information, referrals to job training and job search organizations, and opportunities to act as advocates on the policies and programs that will dramatically affect their lives, has added a critical new service to their growing list of programs. New Yorkers have been paying far too much for health insurance premiums.

The latest statistics show that New Yorkers pay the highest average monthly health insurance premiums in the country. AAESEP has been working diligently to help hard-working New Yorkers get the quality health care they deserve. By joining AAESEP members pool risk and join together to save on their health insurance costs. Beginning January 1st, 2006 high-quality, affordable health insurance from Atlantis Health Plan will be available to AAESEP members through the AAESEP website. Rates will begin as low as $272 per month and offer savings up to $800 a month over other commercial health plans offered by large carriers in New York City.

According to a recent survey sponsored by the Community Service Society, health care has emerged as the greatest worry for low-income New Yorkers, with 41% of respondents reporting they were unable to fill a needed prescription and 36% saying they postponed medical care or surgery for lack of money or insurance coverage. To make matters worse a November 2005 study conducted by ehealthinsurance.com shows that the average monthly premium for New York residents is $379, over $130 per month more then New Jersey, the State with the next highest monthly health insurance premiums.


Two-thirds of the low-income workers surveyed were employed by small businesses with fewer than 50 employees, and it is most often small firms that have found it hard to provide health insurance as premium costs have soared. This trend was reflected in the data. Among poor full-time wage earners half are uninsured and barely a fifth have private insurance. Full-time workers just above the poverty level fared somewhat better, with 31% uninsured and 55% covered by their own or a spouse's employee plan. In contrast, only 7% of moderate and higher income New Yorkers reported being uninsured at the time of the survey.

The introduction of AAESEP's first insurance offering has been more than 20 years in the making. Well-known labor attorney, Roger H. Madon developed the idea for AAESEP in 1984 in response to the changes he saw in the American economy and the increased competition from foreign countries. "The challenges facing workers have evolved since I first developed this idea," said Madon. "The world of work is different, but nothing has changed my mind about this project, I still want to give working Americans and their families the tools to build a healthy, happy life."

AAESEP plans to offer high-quality, low-cost health insurance nationwide, launching in the five boroughs of New York City on January1st, and expanding to all 50 states in the coming years. Through a partnership with Atlantis Health Plan, which was incorporated in 2000, AAESEP is now able to offer group rates on health insurance with improved coverage and lower deductibles than many of the plans currently available to individuals through other organizations. Tyler Malin, AAESEP's Executive Director says, "AAESEP is excited to be working with Atlantis, a pioneer in the field of intelligently managed care. We believe this partnership will work to offer more New Yorkers access to desperately needed care."

AAESEP endeavors to deliver information to the public on issues related to work and employment; support high-quality research into areas of interest to working and self-employed persons, provide referrals to a variety of services including legal services, retirement planning, health insurance, education and job skills training; become the premier source of information to policy makers, the business community, political leaders, and academic researchers on issues related to employment and link a wide variety of professional associations and related groups dedicated to meeting the changing needs of today's workforce. For more information about AAESEP, please visit our website at www.aaesep.org