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Lack Of Affordable Health Insurance Forces 3rd Of Americans Skip Care

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According to AFL-CIO suvey health insurance is not affordable for many Americans, but AFL-CIO finds broad health care problems even among employed, college educated people, and those who have health insurance. Survey, based on 7500 personal cases, shows that 8 in 10 say health care is priority voting issue.

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America's health care system is failing even those who have health insurance, an unprecedented 26,419-person survey sponsored by the AFL-CIO and Working America confirmed today. One in three say their families had to skip medical care because of cost, a quarter had serious problems paying for the care they needed and a huge majority - 79 percent - says health care is a top voting issue. The survey results, one of the largest opinion pools available on health care, includes 7,500 personal stories. Conducted between January 14 and March 3, 2008, it is available at www.healthcaresurvey.aflcio.org. Responses were tabulated and analyzed by Peter D. Hart Research Associates.

Of the more than 26,000 people who took the survey, most are insured and employed. Most are college graduates. More than half are union members.