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BadgerCare Plus Ensures Health Coverage For All Kids

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Health care is the topic everyone is talking about these days-and it poses a significant burden to our families.

Nearly 600,000 citizens in this state lack health insurance and nearly 98,000 of them are children. No child should go without health care. Fortunately, access to health insurance for all children is now within our grasp with BadgerCare Plus, which began February 1st.

BadgerCare Plus is a part of Governor Doyle's plan to ensure that no child goes without health insurance. It has four strategic goals: (1) cover all children, (2) provide coverage and enhanced benefits for pregnant women, (3) make the program simple, and (4) promote prevention and healthy behaviors.

Research has shown that people with insurance see their doctor more frequently for prevention instead of only going to the doctor for emergencies. BadgerCare Plus will allow parents to take their child for the wellness visits they need, including immunizations. If you are pregnant, you will be able to get early and regular prenatal care.

BadgerCare Plus is available to:

* All children, regardless of income

* Pregnant women

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* Parents and caretakers at higher income levels

* Young adults who are leaving foster care when they turn 18

* More farmers and self-employed families

BadgerCare Plus streamlines Medicaid, BadgerCare and Healthy Start into one comprehensive program which allows every Wisconsin family - regardless of income - to get affordable health insurance for their kids.

Low income families will be able to enroll their children into BadgerCare Plus at no charge. Higher earning families will be able to buy into the program for as little as $10 a month for each qualifying family member.

We are taking BadgerCare Plus to where families are, instead of making families come to us. Numerous partners across the state will be joining forces to help families sign up for the program.

When BadgerCare Plus is fully implemented, 98 percent of Wisconsin citizens will have access to affordable health insurance, making Wisconsin America's health care leader.

I am proud that we have worked together on this accomplishment. This is an historic moment in Wisconsin history.