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All US Residents Should Have Access To Affordable Health Insurance

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Many U.S. residents lack health insurance, and others "hold steady jobsand work hard but regard health coverage as a luxury they can'tafford," columnist David Lazarus writes in a Los Angeles Times opinion piece. This week, about 73,000 members of the United Auto Workers went on strike against General Motors,and a "key issue on the table is creation of a multibillion-dollartrust fund that would see the UAW taking over health coverage forthousands of GM retirees and their families," he writes.

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Accordingto Lazarus, GM, the "largest private-sector purchaser of medicalinsurance" in the U.S., seeks to "ease its health care costs aspremiums continue to soar year after year," and many other employers"are similarly looking to pass along a greater share of health careexpenses to workers."

In "all other industrializeddemocracies, health care is guaranteed to everyone," and when "you getsick or hurt, you can see virtually any doctor at any hospital youplease," Lazarus writes, adding, "It's a system I've long said shouldbe adopted by the United States -- maybe not exactly the same wayFrance does it, or Canada, but ensuring that affordable health care isavailable to all" (Lazarus, Los Angeles Times, 9/26).

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