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American Cancer Society Ad Campaign Highlights Issue Of Uninsured

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The American Cancer Society's decisionto spend its entire advertising budget this year on addressinginadequate health coverage highlights the fact that "any delay indetection or treatment, as is common among the uninsured or poorlyinsured, can be fatal," a New York Times editorial states. The "stark and sobering" fact is that unless accessto care is widened, lack of access might become a "bigger cancer killerthan tobacco," according to ACS CEO John Seffrin, the editorial says.

The Timescontinues, "With 47 million Americans lacking health insurance andmillions more with only limited coverage, it is imperative to provideadequate, affordable, readily available health coverage to everyone."It concludes, "The cancer society doesn't prescribe how to do that, butits campaign leaves little doubt it must be done" (New York Times, 9/10).

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