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Newspapers Report Medicaid Developments In Maryland, New York, Wisconsin

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Newspapers recently reported Medicaid developments in four states. Summaries of the coverage appear below.

  • Maryland:The Maryland Dental Action Committee said the state must increaseMedicaid reimbursements to dentists who treat children by $40 millionover the next two years, the Baltimore Sunreports. According to the committee, increasing reimbursements wouldencourage more dentists to participate in the state's Medicaid program.The committee is expected to deliver recommendations to improveuninsured children's dental care access to state Health Secretary JohnColmers on Sept. 11. The recommendations include allowing pediatriciansand nurses to give children fluoride varnishes, which help protectagainst cavities, creating a dental health education campaign,incorporating dental screenings with vision and hearing screenings forschool children, and establishing primary dental care providers forchild Medicaid beneficiaries (Anderson, Baltimore Sun, 8/30).
  • NewYork: New York state agencies paid nearly $10 million for Medicaidservices that likely never were administered, according to a reportissued Tuesday by the state comptroller, Long Island Newsdayreports. The audits, which examined claims for services over afive-year period ending in 2006, found eight cases totaling $13,928 inwhich the state Department of Health'seMedNY claims processing system made payments for home care servicesafter patients had died. The audit also found that the majority ofoverpayments for services occurred while beneficiaries werehospitalized, suggesting that facilities billed for services that werenot provided. The state health department said the audit most likelyoverstated some problems but noted that it would heed the audit'srecommendations to fix the processing system to prevent futureoverpayments and recover inappropriate payments (Mallia, Long Island Newsday, 8/28).
  • Wisconsin: State Department of AdministrationSecretary Michael Morgan on Wednesday told state health officials todevelop a strategy to cut Medicaid spending by 20% until lawmakers enda budget stalemate, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. The cuts likely would result in lower reimbursement for providers. State Health and Family Services Secretary Kevin Hayden is responsible for determining the impact of a 20% cut in a report due Sept. 7. The cut would require CMSapproval. The two-year budget was due July 1, and spending levels fromthe previous budget will continue until a new one is approved(Forster/Marley, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/29).


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