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HSAs Do Not Benefit Lower-Income Individuals

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Lower-Income Individuals

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Health savings accounts linked with high-deductible health plans do notbenefit lower-income individuals and have not led to reduced healthcare costs, according to a report released on Wednesday by the Bell Policy Center, the Denver Postreports. According to the report, although HSAs "have grown rapidly inthe last few years, they have missed their mark, attracting enrolleeswith high incomes who are more likely than low-income people to alreadyhave coverage."

The report also said that HSAs "do not appear to bemaking system-wide changes toward lowering costs, as some proponentsexpected." Blair Woodbury, a public policy fellow at Bell and theauthor of the report, said that HSAs "may be useful for some consumers"but "are by no means a solution to the major problems in today's healthcare system" (Raabe, Denver Post, 8/30).

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