SCHIP Should Be About Children's Needs, Not An Excuse To Slash Benefits Of Seniors

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House Democrats passed legislation making deep cuts in health care programs for our nation's seniors, and shifting thousands of children from private insurance plans to programs run by the federal government.

House Republican Whip Roy Blunt (Mo.) issued the following statement:


"The State Children's Health Insurance Program was originally intended to address the needs of uninsured children from low-income families, providing the means necessary to help those children grow up healthy, strong, and able to lead our country into the future. It's a program that was created under Republican leadership, and it's one I would've been proud to support today if the majority had given us the chance.

"But the bill we voted on today wasn't written with needs of children in mind. Under this legislation, 2.1 million children currently covered by existing health plans would be dumped into a single-payer, government-run health care scheme. And to 'pay' for a small part of that, Democrats are prepared to make deep cuts to Medicare programs important to our nation's seniors, and increase taxes on every American with a health insurance plan of his or her own. Worse yet, the bill would remove protections designed to prevent illegal immigrants from collecting health care benefits paid for by, and issued at the expense of, legal American taxpayers.

"In the same way the majority handled the Farm Bill last week, and will likely handle the Energy Bill later this week, Democrats have decided that a strategy of conflict is preferable to a course of compromise. In the process, they've taken legislation of major significance and national priority -- bills which have historically garnered broad support -- and reached well beyond their intended scope. The product of those efforts is a slate of bills that will never become law, and no real plan for getting the important work done of the American people."