Self Employed Health Insurance Options in New York State

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New York Health Insurance

One of the most significant improvements for insurance brokers that specialize in health insurance for the self employed has been technology. For the last 5 years, online insurance brokerages have seeded the market with direct buy websites and, for most of the country, this method works well. However for specialized markets, such as New York State health insurance market, where self employed health insurance has never been a centralized purchase process, insurance brokerages stationed outside this region really don't have access to the sole proprietor health plans offered by the local insurance companies.

New York State health insurance market is special in that health insurance plans specifically for sole proprietors are unavailable. Though what the insurance companies do allow is business associations to sell sole proprietor plans with the agreement that it's the responsibility of the business associations themselves to mange all the administrative aspects associated with the health plans (such as billing, enrolments terminations & collections). Because of this stipulation the large health insurance brokerages across the country have not adequately addressed the insurance needs of the New York State self employed marketplace.


Vista Health Solutions is based in New York State and is primarily focused on the self employed health insurance marketplace allowing the company to offer effective solutions to the problems facing this community. Being located in New York Vista Health Solutions has direct access to each business association that offers health insurance to their group members allowing Vista Health to better serve the health insurance needs of these associations.

In order to make the health insurance options provided by these business associations more available to the New York State population Vista Health Solutions has created a health insurance website ( that focuses entirely on self-employed individuals in New York State. The website provides free online rates and quotes and doesn't require any personal information to be provided. Vista Health Solutions' innovative website also allows visitors to apply online for the health insurance they desire. As indicated on the homepage "Health Insurance in 3 Easy Steps", the goal of the website is to simplify the buying process through a secure and confidential process.

Due to extremely high insurance rates, and other negative issues associated with health insurance within the state, the New York State legislature rolled out Healthy New York. This program gives sole proprietors and small businesses, not covered under group insurance plans, an option to purchase affordable health insurance. The New York government subsidizes the plan to keep the cost low and increase participation. What makes Healthy NY so special, besides the great rates, are the standardized benefit packages. There are a total of 4 health plan options which make comparison shopping for health insurance quick and easy. The majority of Vista Health Solutions' online business is derived directly from the Healthy New York insurance program.