Legislation Threatens to Hike Health Insurance Premiums

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New Hampshire Health Insurance

This week sees the State House of Representatives in New Hampshire considering two bills that would increase the cost of health insurance in New Hampshire. Essentially, if enacted, Senate Bill 93 would force insurers to offer cover for physical therapists, clinical social workers and other health workers up to an amount of $3,200 a year.

Already some of the States insurers are crying out that insurance premiums will have to rise as a result and potentially put at risk affordable health insurance quotes for consumers.

The Insurance landscape has changed throughout both the United States, Great Britain, Europe and Australia with the advent of the internet. Because increasingly people have had more and more choices in the services they use, and which insurance companies they use. This choice has come about because the internet has leveled the playing field both for consumers, but also importantly, for the companies themselves. So, as where in the past it was the case that if you lived in Orlando, Florida you might have a choice of one or two companies that were local to you. These days, the internet has brought a choice of thousands direct to your computer screen to find your Affordable Auto Insurance Quotes.

Up to now this has been good for both you and the companies. It was good for the insurance companies, because they were finally able to draw from a much wider pool of people. In fact, they could suddenly pull from potentially the whole world to get new business. But, more importantly, it was good for the consumer because with this increase in the amount of companies also came lower prices.


But news this week from New Hampshire could mean that this equilibrium is under threat.

The question is: Is this week's news a part of a larger trend towards State legislation pushing up the cost of insurance premiums for consumers?

The internet up until now has meant that the insurance market has increasingly become commoditised. People are using bulk checkers to check prices of insurance across dozens of websites. So, for example if they are looking for Florida Term Life Insurance Rates or Florida Homeowner Insurance they can compare dozens of different life and homeowner insurance companies at one time that can provide quotes side by side.

With the trend in New Hampshire. Could this be about to change?

The Legislation under consideration in New Hampshire could lead to more innovative insurance offerings that can benefit the consumer in ways that may not currently be available. But it could also be a foretaste of what is to come across the country. With new legislation pushing insurance premiums up across the board not only for health insurance, but potentially for auto insurance and homeowners insurance if the state legislators decide that key components are currently missing from current policies.

Time will tell. But watch the New Hampshire legislature closely this week. It could impact on your pocket and health insurance.