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Worksheet: What Is Your Best Buy Health Insurance?

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It is difficult to determine exactly what you will spend a year on health care. You do not know whether you will be sick 6 months from now and need an operation. Hopefully, you will not.

Using this worksheet, you can begin to make some rough estimates. Much will depend on what service you need or want, how many people are in your family, your age, and other factors. Do you need to have your eyes tested this year? Will you have a mammogram or other cancer screening test? Does your child need immunizations?

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Look at your medical and insurance records from last year as a guide to what services you might use this year. Add up the actual costs to you, including premiums. Estimate what you might spend on your health care in terms of deductibles, coinsurance and/or copayments, and services that are not covered.

Compare Policy #1, Policy #2, and Policy #3 to determine which is the best buy for you.

What is your monthly premium?

Policy #1