Checklist: What's Most Important to You in Health Insurance?

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Insurance plans vary. Before choosing a plan, decide what is most important to you. This checklist can help. Put a check in front of those services that are important to you. Then see how many of these services are in Policy #1, Policy #2, and Policy #3. On the checklist, write in the coinsurance or copayment rate, if there is one, and any limits on service.

Remember that the most important service to be covered is hospitalization. If you are not covered for hospital care, then one sickness could cost you thousands of dollars, even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Service - Policy #1 - Policy #2 - Policy #3


-Hospital care
-Surgery (inpatient
and outpatient)
-Office visits to
your doctor
-Maternity care
-Well-baby care
-Medical tests,
-Mental health care
-Dental care,
braces and cleaning
-Vision care,
eyeglasses and exams
-Prescription drugs
-Home health care
-Nursing home care
-Services you need
that are excluded
Other issues that are
important to you:
-Choice of doctors
-Convenient location of
doctors and hospitals
-Ease of getting
an appointment
-Minimal paperwork
-Waiting period before
coverage begins

Which Health Insurance policy is best for you?


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