Illinois Plan May Bring Affordable Health Insurance To 1.4 Million Uninsured

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Illinois affordable health insurance

Historic Illinois Covered plan would bring down healthcare costs for all by creating affordable health insurance options for 1.4 million uninsured adults, helping small businesses and middle-class families save thousands on insurance premiums, and reforming the healthcare delivery system.


The Senate Public Health and Human Services Committee today heard testimony from top healthcare officials from around the state on the urgent need for Governor Rod R. Blagojevich's historic "Illinois Covered" plan to give every Illinoisan access to affordable and quality health coverage. The Governor's plan will provide affordable coverage to the 1.4 million uninsured adults in Illinois and will also help many middle-income families and small businesses that are currently enrolled in health insurance plans save thousands of dollars a year on healthcare costs. It would also mean nearly $1.7 billion in new funding for hospitals and healthcare providers around the state. The Governor's plan has been endorsed by the Illinois Hospital Association and numerous other medical provider organizations.

"For too long, working families in Illinois have gone without healthcare coverage

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