Buy Health Insurance Online From Established Insurance Brokers

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The Freed Insurance Agency is composed of insurance brokers who advertise and operate as independent insurance representatives on their own Website.

They do not link you up to other companies. They do not sell your name and data. They represent all the leading insurance carriers so you have a wide range of choices rather than dealing with just one company. The Freed Agency handles your needs and presents all options in detail so that you know exactly what you're getting before you sign on the dotted line. Because it is an independent agency, it is able to provide excellent customer service and follow-up care.


Save time, money and aggravation. Individuals, families, and small companies can get the jump on excellent insurance rates and services within their own comfort zones. Unlike many of the online insurance sites that have no large established broker-base and simply sell your information to various insurance brokers, Freed is an insurance brokerage agency that handles your needs individually. With Freed, you don't become a sitting duck for other health insurance "companies'" spam as well as over-zealous phone salesmen. With Freed, you get a direct quote of costs and coverages among a wide range of options and you DON'T get bombarded with information from many different companies.

The Freed Insurance Agency is one-stop service for all health insurance companies in its network. You deal only with Freed direct, one-on-one. Freed deals only with trustworthy and established insurance companies that offer good value and top-of-the-line services.

A Freed spokesperson said, "The insurance business has evolved into areas of expertise. If you're buying health insurance, buy it from a firm that specializes in health insurance, not auto insurance or homeowners insurance. That would be like going to a heart specialist for torn cartilage in your knee."

With 25 years experience in the health insurance market, Freed has the expertise, the reliable reputation and a high degree of customer service. Their brokers listen to your needs and completely explain all your health insurance options. Freed provides individual and family health insurance, group health insurance, short-term major medical insurance and long term care insurance. For health insurance you can trust, log online to The Freed Insurance Agency. It's only a click away. Let its team of expert insurance brokers do the searching and sorting out for you.