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Mental Health

Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders including depression, and anxiety. Alternative therapy for mental health issues based on research and medical news. Tips on how to live a happy life. Exercises and other lifestyle interventions that can help emotional well-being. Articles and research findings that focus on eating disorders and adolescent mental health and well-being.

Systems Of Care Promote Stability, Security, Safety For Children And Youth With Serious Mental Health Needs

Children and youth in systems of care are less likely to engage in self-harmful behaviors, demonstrate fewer emotional and behavioral problems and do better in school than before enrollment.

Within SAMHSA's Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services Program for Children and Their Families, children and youth with serious mental health needs make substantial improvements at home, at school and in the community when served through systems of care.


Why Are Teens 'Dying to Be Thin'

American teenagers are so barraged with opinions and images about how they look every waking moment of their turbulent lives -- from youth-focused advertising and peer pressure, to sometimes even family criticism -- that many are hardly able to resist trying whatever it may take to become and stay thin: dieting, purging, even starving themselves.


Immediate Treatment Of Early Multiple Sclerosis Patients Significantly Delayed Permanent Disability

Bayer data shows that immediate initiation of Betaseron treatment in patients with a first event suggestive of multiple sclerosis can significantly reduce the risk of permanent neurological impairment as measured by the Expanded Disability Status Scale by 40 percent over three years compared to delayed treatment.


New Approach Aims To Improve Treatment Of Mental Illness-Mental

Amendments to Alberta's Mental Health Act and accompanying measures to enhance community-based mental health services will help Albertans living with mental illness and their families to access early intervention services, prevent deterioration, and enjoy a better quality of life.